Starting an HU Familia

A prospective interest group needs to be from an accredited 4-year university, such as part of the University of California, California State University, or Private University system, within California (we are currently restricting expansion to just CA universities at the moment). All members within an interest group must be enrolled at the university and be in good academic standing.

Expansion is a strategic process for Hermanos Unidos. Therefore, please be prepared to answer the following questions before contacting us:

  • Out of the net student population at the university, what is the percentage of Latinos?
  • How many interest members do you have in your group?
  • Out of the members in the interest group, do you have an almost-equal distribution of lower and upper class men?
  • What is the neighboring community like? Can you envision how an Hermanos Unidos Familia can serve the local community?
  • Based on the information on our website and what you may have heard about Hermanos Unidos, what is your interpretation of “El Nuevo Hombre”?”

If interested, contact the National Board at