National Leadership Conference

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the 2019 Hermanos Unidos Leadership Conference will be hosted by our University of California Los Angeles Familia. Tentative date is for late February 2019. This will be our 18th annual conference and we will be celebrating 29 years of Hermanos Unidos.

The Hermanos Unidos National Leadership Conference is a weekend long event usually held in the month of February every year. The event invites all members of every Familia to convene at the Conference, in which seminars, professional development workshops, and networking opportunities are hosted.

At the end of every Conference, the Herman’s Cup is held. The specific sport is determined by the Familia hosting the Conference.

Herman’s Cup History: Established at the 3rd annual HU National Conference in 2004 by Cal Poly Pomona, the host of the conference, as a trophy given to the Familia who wins the sports competition at the annual HU Leadership conference. The name of the winning campus and year is placed on a plaque on the trophy. The name of the trophy was a result of a typo.