Joining the National Board

Are you interested in joining the Hermanos Unidos National Board?

Familia Liaison for: Cal State LA | UC Berkeley | UCLA | UC Santa Barbara | UC San Diego

Must be an Hermanos Unidos Alumni.

One of the primary functions of the National Board is to understand the issues at the student level by actively engaging with a specific Familia. Therefore, each Board member is assigned a Familia to collaborate with, resolve issues, and offer guidance.

Tasks that each Liaison must accomplish in the academic year are the following:

– Attend at least 2 General Body Familia meetings
– Attend at least 2 Steering Familia meetings
– Attend 2 major events, i.e. History Night and/or community service
– Attend the End of the Year Banquet
– Have constant communication with the co-chairs

Also, we hold monthly Board Meetings in which we call in at a specified time and date.

There is a formal interview process, which will be arranged during our monthly phone-call.

If you are interested, please follow the link:

IMPORTANT: As of May 2016, the National Board is accepting applicants for interview.