Hermanos Unidos has expanded across California, from where it started at UC Berkeley to the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Each campus is a self-sustaining organization, depending mainly on fundraising activities. They are all governed by the Hermanos Unidos Guidelines, which acts as a framework to ensure traditions are followed. However each Familia, led by 2 Co-chairs and a steering committee, will create its own By-Laws in accordance to the National Board By-Laws.

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15 Familias Strong (2018-2019 Academic Year) 

University of California, Berkeley | University of California, Santa Barbara | Cal Poly Pomona | University of Southern California | University of California, Los Angeles | California State University, Northridge | California State University, Long Beach | San Francisco State University | California State University, Los Angeles | University of California, Merced | University of California, Santa Cruz | California State University, Fullerton | University of California, Riverside | University of California, San Diego | University of California, Irvine

Map of the Hermanos Unidos Familias in California