In 2001, 12 Latino men from different backgrounds came together to establish a Hermanos Unidos chapter at California State Polytechnic University Pomona (CPP). This chapter of only 4 men would flourish and turn into a Familia that currently holds 70+ active devoted Hermanos. The Familia at CPP lives by the philosophy of “El Nuevo Hombre”, which translates to, “The New Man”. This philosophy is comprised over three pillars: the academic scholarship pillar, the community service pillar, and the social interaction pillar. Through the fulfillment of these essential pillars, “El Nuevo hombre” can be attained.

Pomona Hermanos

     In the area of academic scholar the two academic advisor chairs from CPP, Raul Rojas and Ricky Molina, have been hard at work. They have been planning and preparing for the next academic school year. Along with the weekly scholarship notifications they send out, they will have tutoring hours at the CPP library in a room that’s reserved for HU. The majority of the Hermanos at CPP are engineering majors so the stress on academics is very high as the course subject is very demanding and rigorous. CPP regulates grade checks at the beginning and end of every quarter to make sure that nobody is falling behind. Together the familia creates a safety net as a whole, for every single individual that contributes to its success. This safety net that HU CPP has created ensures that adequate help is given to the students in Hermanos to further advance their understanding of the subjects they are learning.

Academics – Hermanos in study hours

     In the area of community service pillar, CPP in collaboration with the Hermanas Unidas from UC Berkeley hosted its second annual brown bagging event in southern California in the city of Whittier. Ever since this event started back in summer of 2012 it’s gained much popularity and visibility among other southern California HU chapters. The event was a great success, many jornaleros, “Day Laborers”, were fed and educated on rights that they didn’t know they had. The food that was given out to the jornaleros was all donated from the Ramirez family and Zepeda Family and included tamales, champurrado, fruits, and bottles of water.

Community Service – HU & HaU serving food to Jornaleros “Day Laborers”

     A very prominent community service event that is worth mention, which was in collaboration with Hermanas Unidas from UC Irvine was the annual day of the child event in 2012. This event is hosted by Children uniting nations were they match over one thousand youth living in foster care with mentors for a joy-filled day which includes amusement park rides, booths, food, games, arts and crafts, live entertainment, and celebrity hosts. This was a great event in which many Hermanos and Hermanas chapters showed up representing their schools, but more importantly they represented their devotion to the community and how they give back to less fortunate individuals. Every mentor that day got a foster child that was their mentee for the day. The smiles, cheers, and laughs will forever be remembered by both the HU CPP Hermanos and the foster children.

Community Service – HU & HaU acting as mentors to foster children for the day

     In the area of Social interaction the tabling committee headed by Omar Bernabe one of the Co-chairs of HU CPP has been hard at work this summer of 2013. The tabling committee is in charge of reaching out to incoming freshman that start to pour into CPP from orientation. They reach out to them by informing the new freshman about the philosophy of HU and what this support system can do for them. Through this social networking HU makes the transition from high school to college life a lot easier for them by guiding them down the correct channels. This summer the tabling committee was able to pull over 100+ interested incoming future prospect members. This summer Hermanos from CPP also hosted in collaboration with their sister chapter Hermanas Unidas their club party, “Parranda con la banda” in Pico Rivera, CA. This club event brought together many chapters for an unforgettable fun-filled night.

Social Interaction – Flyer for “Parranda con La Banda”

     Last year a revered and loved hermano, Ivan Aguilar, from CPP was involved in a fatal bike accident while riding his bike to school. Ivan Aguilar aka “Lil Ivan” was a down to earth caring individual that was always looking out for everyone else and going out of his way to help his fellow hermano. He was known by some and loved by all that knew him. As an organization HU CPP was able to fundraise over twenty thousand dollars for the Aguilar family to help them through this tragic incident. Although there’s a void in our familia that can never be filled, CPP will honor his memory and share his spirit everywhere they go.

In memoriam to Ivan Aguilar “Lil Ivan”